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Thermography Applications Courses

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AC002 – Optical Gas Imaging $649.00
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AC002 – Optical Gas Imaging

August 24, 2020 / No Comments

Using thermography, we can conduct non-contact and non-destructive tests or inspections of buildings, electrical equipment, gas, or water systems, even in physiology and veterinary. This course will discuss more on Optical Gas Imaging. OGI enables us to see the invisible gas leaks. According to the Federal Register, Vol. 81, No. 107, Rules and Regulations, p.35856…

AC001:1 – Elevated Body Temperature Screening (ARABIC) $599.00
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AC001:1 – Elevated Body Temperature Screening (ARABIC)

June 21, 2020 / No Comments

يتم استخدام التصوير الحراري في مجالات مختلفة في الوقت الحاضر ، بما في ذلك الصناعة الطبية. هذه الطريقة غير ملامسة وغير جراحية لأنها تكتشف الحرارة المنبعثة بشكل طبيعي على سطح جلد الوجه. أظهرت البيانات التجريبية فعالية هذه التكنولوجيا التي ساعدت بشكل كبير في فحص درجات حرارة الجسم المرتفعة أثناء الأوبئة الرئيسية منذ عام 2002 ؛…

AC001:0 – Elevated Body Temperature Screening (EN) $599.00
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AC001:0 – Elevated Body Temperature Screening (EN)

June 21, 2020 / No Comments

Thermography is being used in different fields nowadays, including the medical industry. The method is non-contact and non-invasive since it detects naturally emitted heat at the skin surface of the face. Empirical data has demonstrated the effectiveness of this technology that helped significantly in screening elevated body temperatures during the major epidemics since 2002; SARS,…


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